Valorant Betting

Valorant was introduced to the world by the same team that created League of Legends. However, in this game, they wanted to develop competitiveness and provide the ground for tournaments. When it was released, more than 1 million people followed it.

Various Valorant tournaments have been organized since 2020. The first one was held even before the official launch of the game. Nowadays the major events of the VCT esports series are organized all over the world and attract teams as well as fans and bettors.

GGBet, as one of the market leaders, offers Valorant betting. Our main advantage is that we give you the opportunity to bet at the best odds on any event of this game.

Basics of the Valorant eSports Matches

This game includes two competitive teams. Each has five fighters and 25 rounds to play. If the team wins at least 13 times, it can become a champion. How to become a winner? Firstly, the team is able to destroy all competitors. Secondly, it can make the bomb explode.

This, this discipline requires powerful teamwork that should be organized in various landscapes, using special skills that are given to the agents.

Valorant Betting Tips and Strategy

To make predictions on Valorant and succeed in them, one should consider the following points:

  • One of the main features of this game is that the team’s success hugely depends on the selected agents. Each of them has something unique that can be utilized in the gameplay. All these skills should be quickly evaluated to create the strongest possible combination that will destroy the opposing team. Thus, the swift decision-making is also important;
  • The gameplay includes a wide variety of maps. Each provides unique features and abilities. For instance, the team can find a card that provides a shielding door for protection from enemies. One can find out ropes to be able to move between levels. Therefore, attention to them and their correct usage also provides large benefits;
  • It’s crucial to find broadcasts to follow the tournaments of interest. GGBet bookmaker give this opportunity, so everyone can select a suitable option.

Furthermore, pay attention to the time the team has spent together in the game. If they have an understanding, this makes the chances of winning higher. Therefore, it is recommended to learn more about the team before placing a Valorant bet, watch their games and analyze their decision-making and strategies applied under different circumstances. It is better to rely on professionals who know what they are doing and why.

In addition, do not hesitate to learn more before betting on Valorant while reading guides, checking stats and other similar information on official game site. The more you know, the better your chances to win together with the chosen team.

Valorant Betting Markets

What Valorant betting options do we have here? The following are the most common:

  • Match Winner. Try to predict the winner of the battle. It may seem easy but it is not always like this. It is possible to learn more about absolute favorites but something unexpected can always happen during the gameplay;
  • Totals. In this case, one places a bet on statistics and the number of supposed kills. Here, one should gather more information about the team’s tactics and the level of the players. Various math approaches can be also utilized in this case;
  • Handicap. This option proposes to decide whether the team will be able to win a couple of rounds or lose them. The possibility to bet on losses is quite interesting here and can also bring good profits;
  • Outright. This type of bet refers to predicting the overall winner of a tournament. Instead of betting on individual matches, you're looking at the bigger picture and picking who you think will come out on top at the end. It often requires a deep understanding of the current leaderboard and the performance of teams in past championships;
  • Prop Bets. These are specific bets regarding certain events in a match, but not necessarily related to the final outcome. For instance, you can bet on which team will get the first kill, which player will have the highest kill-death ratio, or whether a certain player will use a particular character. They can be fun and add an extra layer of engagement to watching a game;
  • Best MVP. A bet on which player will be recognized as the Most Valuable Player of a match or tournament. This type of bet is often based on a player's past performance or known statistics about them. This type is very popular in this game;
  • Live Bets. These bets are made in real-time while the game is ongoing. The Valorant betting odds can change rapidly based on the unfolding action. It's dynamic and demands quick decision-making. Bettors might bet on immediate outcomes like the next round's winner, or other unfolding events. Live betting on Valorant provides an opportunity for those who can read the flow of the game and make quick, informed decisions.

For betting during the game, GGBet has great news for you: we provide live streaming of every match, as well as free statistics that you can use to make a correct prediction. The score is also updated instantly.

How Do Valorant Odds Work?

Odds in Valorant betting are a numerical value that indicates the probability of a certain outcome of a match, as well as the potential winnings from the bet. Bookmakers calculate these odds based on many factors: team statistics, their past performances, the condition of the players, strategies and much more.

The size of the odds can vary depending on the specific circumstances. For example, if it becomes known that a key player of a team is injured or will not participate in a match, this is immediately reflected in the odds. Alternatively, if the majority of customers are betting on the same team, bookmakers may adjust the odds to balance their risks.

Example of calculating Valorant odds:

Suppose we have a match between teams A and B. The odds for Team A to win are 1.5 and the odds for Team B to win are 2.5.

If you decide to bet €100 on Team A winning and they win, your winnings will be:

100 (your bet) x 1.5 (odds) = €150

So, your total return would be €150, of which €50 is your profit and €100 is your original bet returned to you.

If you had bet on team B and they won, your winnings would be:

€100 (your bet) x 2.5 (odds) = €250

Here your profit would be €150, and €100 is your original bet.

The Most Popular Valorant Tournaments

As for the recent tournaments that are of interest, pay attention to the VCT 2023 for North America that will be held on September, 9 2023 with a prize pool of $50 000, and VCT Game Changers that is organized from 2 to 12 September 2023 with a prize pool of $18 000, AfreecaTV Valorant League that will be played from 4 to 17 September 2023 with a prize pool of $7 111, etc.

There are more events as they are held regularly. Thus, do not hesitate to immerse yourself in the fascinating Valorant world. Many professional teams participate in the tournaments as well as novices, so there is always quite a wide choice, different betting markets available and profitable odds with GGBet.